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Etienne Saint-Amant
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The ARCHITEXTURA series explores chaos at it simplest expression. A slight discrepancy makes each line non-parallel and gets amplified and bifurcate. The system gets more and more complex as new junctions are created. These complex structures come from this sensitivity: it’s the origin of chaos.

The MITOSE series is a mathematic exploration of the beginnings of life. As opposed to Architextura, this series has an organic vibe to it, all in curves. I believe that bubbles are local microcosms that support the assembly of the chemical elements essential to life. This was the start point to create a bubble system (mi) that I altered and altered until I found aesthetic resemblances to biochemical reactions and cellular patterns.

Landscapes made of textures, of light and of atmospheres, the SCENE series creates environments. Each artwork is made to be seen in its whole and then be looked at for its finest details. The emotional charge varies from a scale to the other, which brings the observer to a second level of interpretation sometimes paradoxical.

MEMOIRES, memories, lapses of memory, traces, reminisces… Observe… as reminiscent emotions come to life. These are waiting to be completed by what comes to your mind, as the sections of these compositions are memory boxes ready to be opened by your anima. The MEMOIRES series proposes a deep and vertiginous journey toward introspection.

CYBORG series. Artwise, cybernetics is often approached in glaucous and pessimist way. I wanted to approach it in a neutral and ethical way. I am exploring the connection themes, links, coherence, faculties enhancing, psyche alteration …