Unveiling of the Nano Art Club

Club Art Nano


Science and technology bring us and will bring us new approaches and new concepts in art. It is in this spirit of innovation and exploration that the Nano Art Club was born.

The short history of the creation of the Art Nano Club

In 2008, Etienne Saint-Amant and Vincent Aimez met to discuss artistic concepts and the potential of nanotechnologies in art. Following this meeting, an abundance of ideas arise. A first popular photo contest within the nanotechnology research group is created.

In 2012, Etienne is a judge for the LN2 photo contest and restarts discussions to make activities in nanotechnology arts.

In 2015, as a win-win exchange, Etienne creates and donates the work La nature cristalline de la matière et de l'espace to 3IT; this work welcomes 3IT staff to the lobby every day.

In 2016, following Michael Canva's suggestion, nanotechnology art activities could be done in the form of a 'club' open to 3IT/LN2 staff and some external artists. Hence the official creation of the Club Art Nano. Guillaume Beaudin then became an essential pillar of the club and its technical director.

In 2019, we started to unveil some artworks to 3IT members. The pandemic slows down our activities and temporarily destroys the social aspect of the club.

In 2023, with the help of new members and supporters, we resume club activities, which now allows us to unveil some art to the public.

Club members meet regularly to discuss conceptual ideas in nanotechnology art. Some of the ideas are being researched and prototyped in the nanotechnology fabrication labs. In this way, some of these ideas and prototypes make their way to becoming concrete artworks that can be presented to the public and the community.

The Nano Art Club is in collaboration with

Interdisciplinary Institute of Technological Innovation - 3IT:


The Institut interdisciplinaire d'innovation technologique (3IT) of the Université de Sherbrooke is an engine and a showcase for innovative, socially and economically responsible practices in university and industrial research. The 3IT accelerates technology transfer with companies and public and private organizations.

Nanotechnologies and Nanosystems Laboratory - LN2:


The Nanotechnologies and Nanosystems Laboratory (LN2) is a joint international research unit (UMI) between France and Canada. Created in 2012, LN2 includes staff from the CNRS, as well as staff from the University of Sherbrooke which is the host institution in Canada.