L'approche (The approach)

I present my latest work entitled L'approche (The approach).

The approach is a semi-abstract and semi-figurative work of art that represents the journey, the road, the adventure, the Quebec heritage, the bad weather, the refuge, the village, the sun, the sky and the beauty of our human interventions in the landscape.

We find shiny and wet roads in a post rain scene where the winds still reign. Three wrapped up protagonists protect themselves from the bad weather in their coats and wander in this luminous in this luminous setting. A small figure observes their arrival on the other side of the road. Are they seeking refuge, a path or an adventure? The roads are inviting and a small village sits on the central hill, surrounded by two other secondary roads. The sun is white and disturbed by the atmosphere. The sky is also gray-white completely inhabited by flashes of light and structures in mathematical foliage. These structures merge into the horizon and the trees, to blend into the more figurative part of my composition.

It joins the Scene Series and is available here.