• New outdoor exhibition in the gardens of the Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton

    With the summer season, the outdoor exhibition on panels is renewed and will now present a selection of the Scene and Duale series by the artist Etienne Saint-Amant . The Duale series is also created in duo with the artist Éric Dupont . Echoing the summer theme, the artist's works use a combination of mathematical formulas which themselves become materials and pigments, in addition to creating a coherent dialogue with the biodiversity and ecology of the Parc de la Rive. You will be able to see the exhibition evolve through the seasons until summer 2024!
  • Dual — Panchelonioidea

    This is our latest work in the Dual Series on the subject of the sea turtle. We had the chance to take several pictures of it and we evoke its presence in clear water with caustic effects.

  • Dual — Betula

    I am pleased to present our latest work in the Dual Series with the subject of the birch tree!

    It is a magnificent tree with many beneficial properties for humans and the environment. Its natural beauty, strength, durability, ability to absorb large amounts of water, medicinal properties and cultural importance make it a remarkable tree and essential to life on earth.